Average Penis In The Unites States Size Reaches Over 5.5 Inches 

Do the American men or the French men have the longest penises,how size are the average penis in the United States?  -are they the Arab men  ,Africans or Russians? Can Asians in this question keep up? Or are there no major differences?These questions, which certainly do not move around the world, may still be considered unanswered, despite some studies and great media interest.One reason is the different methods in the studies and the male ego, which tends to surpass the true dimensions of the penis average penis size by one or another inch  in self-measurements - for who would admit to have an under-developed development.Looking at studies in Western countries, where medical professionals used length and thickness measurements of penis , the results were surprisingly consistent:

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Thus the penis circumferencelay between 4.68 and 4.84 inches in average. Slightly larger was the variance at the average length with5.07 to 5.7 inches.However, the problem arises here that many a man in the face of the medical staff does not get his splendid piece in the state of maximum extent. The true proportions are therefore perhaps underestimated.

5.5 inches, 4.8 inches In circumference

On average penis size in the USA, the American men had an average length of 5,5 inches and a circumference of 4.81 inches- the values ​​were therefore in the upper range of what was also determined in studies with measurements by specialist personnel.The lowest length was four cm, the highest with 10.23 inches .-Prolargentsize helps to enlarge penis if it is under the average size according to the measuring average penis size in the United States-Most of the participants (83 percent) were Americans. They had a length of 5.83 inches, and a circumference of 4.82 inches


Asians (nine percent) showed hardly any deviation from this (length 5.55 inches, circumference 4.76 inches). African Americans shone with a penis about five millimeters in length, but only two per cent of those questioned.

Even longer was the penis, according to own figures, only with the eight participating Pacific island residents with 5.85 inches , the shortest, the 14 Native Americans fell just 5.06 inches.

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