Prolargentsize Tips For Anal Sex Part Two - How to Avoid Pain

Many women refuse anal sex because they mentally connect him with pain. But with a few tips that does not have to be the case. We will tell you how you can experience sex from the back without pain.

Pain in anal sex

prolargentsize anal sex tips

That anal sex can be painful for women is because the opening of the anus is very tight and not as easily stretchable as the vaginal opening. In addition, the intestinal mucosa is very sensitive and can easily rupture. If the woman then cramps, the pain increases in addition. The anus can be easily prepared with a bit of practice on the anal intercourse - the sphincter is basically stretchy enough to absorb the penis completely painless.

Relaxation: The alpha and omega for painless anal intercourse

So that you do not get in pain during anal sex, it is important that you are relaxed and do not cramp. Imagine your sexual adventure and only engage in it, if you are sure that you really want it. If you are unsure if this type of sex pleases you, you can first introduce some anal caresses into your lovemaking or just gently insert one of your fingers into the anus. Make sure that your fingernails are cut and you have washed your hands first to prevent injuries and infections. Do you like what you feel? Then you can take the next step.

prolargentsize anal sex positions

Even a small sip of alcohol before anal sex, incidentally, can contribute to more relaxation. But beware: Do not look too deeply into the glass, as alcohol can also reduce your sensitivity to pain. And since pain usually indicates something is wrong, you should not numb it.


Tips for the preparation for anal sex-Get better erection and enjo in anal sex:Prolargentsize Pills

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