Anal Sex - So that anal sex for you to pleasurable experience, a certain preparation is needed. Because especially with beginners, the sexual variety can be very painful otherwise.

Many men love anal sex, but women are often afraid of it. With the right preparation, many fears are unfounded. And maybe you really like the sex practice.

Hygiene before anal intercourse

To prepare for anal sex, first of all, the right hygiene for anal intercourse. Best of all, the receiving partner had bowel movements before, so that the intestine is emptied. A shower or a bath as a hygiene measure is then absolutely sufficient.

Preparation for a painless experience

To get started, if you feel like anal intercourse, you should always have a lubricant for anal sex. Because, unlike the vagina, the intestine does not produce its own secretions, which facilitates the penetration of the penis, otherwise anal sex can become very painful. Make sure when buying that the lubricant is actually suitable for use in the anal area.If your penis isn’t working full capacity for anal sex,Prolargentsize penis enlargement and hard erection product is another right choice before anal sex- Take the Prolargentsize pills three times a day- and do not misuse massage oils or other creams that you normally use for personal care - these can irritate the delicate intestinal mucosa and damage condoms.

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Stretching with fingers or tongue

To facilitate the penetration of the penis, it is recommended to pre-stretch the anus in preparation for the following anal intercourse. This can be done with the finger or the tongue, but also with the help of special sextoys for anal intercourse. Start with a small size, so that your body can slowly get used to it.

Especially if you have not known your sexual partner for so long, then you should definitely use condoms during anal sex. Sexually transmitted diseases can also be transmitted during this sex practice.

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