Does Sperm Sie When It Hits Oxygen ?

To live inside or outside the uterus? Why is the number of sperm large while the fertilized egg is one?As for the number of sperm that reaches the egg, the male penis pumps about 20 to 40 million sperm-if your sperm count is low Prolargentsize sperm booster increase the volume of sperm- per cubic centimeter, you can imagine that this huge number in the uterus reaches only one or two sperm at the egg .
If the sperm hits the air, the moisture will really quickly lose. When the sperm is dry, an egg fertilization is dead and ineffective. If the sperm is dried, it can not get young even if it is wet! However, in a suitable environment, such as a warm and humid environment, the sperm can survive 3-5 days outside the body.


How Does Sperm Travel Up The Egg?

The journey of sperm

Sperm pass through the uterus until they reach the fallopian tube. This very small distance, which reaches only a few centimeters, represents a distance imagined by humans such as the distance from Egypt to America through which the sperm passes-Prolargentsize produces sperm count and increses the volume of it- through physical changes through which millions may die during hitting oxygen and reach the wall of the egg only one penetrates its membrane and then fertilizes.

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Except for the question "When sperm dies it hits oxygen," the most important question is, "When sperm live in woman’s body?" The survival time of a female body depends on the particular scenario. When a man is discharged in the vagina of a woman with a few million sperm, only a few have the ability to successfully cervix and cervix successfully. If sperm does do this, they can not survive for long in the vaginal canal because of acidic conditions. If the sperm reaches the cervix, they can survive for about 3-4 days.If you have low sperm quaility, Prolargentsize will help to increase low sperm count- During ovulation, the woman produces cervical mucus that provides ideal or suitable conditions for the body's sperm to go easily to the fallopian tube.

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