About The Flaccid Penis-Expression and Natural Fast Treatment

It Could Not Be Worse Than a Sleepy Penis

What Can You Do Against A Flaccid Penis?

Many men have ever experienced the situation that their penis before sexual intercourse was not stiff enough and they could not make a satisfactory sexual intercourse because of a small penis/ under the average penis size or flaccid penis. About 19 percent of all men in Germany even suffer permanently from erectile dysfunction

What Is A Flaccid Penis?

If the penis is not stiff during sex-prolargentsize pill increase blood pressure in the penis and makes it get ready to sex, better control, effective solution-, but remains flaccid, Many men have experienced this situation before. This can occur, for example, in the context of a stressful or stressful life phase or even with a new partner. In some cases, however, it can also conceal a disease, the so-called "erectile dysfunction".

Over a period of about six months, in about 70 percent of cases, the affected person fails to build up or maintain an erection in such a way that satisfactory sexual intercourse is possible. The term "dysfunction" shows here that because of physical or psychological causes, the penis can no longer fulfill its role within sexuality, which often causes great frustration.


To be distinguished from this is the so-called libido loss-prolargentsize pill helps to you get back libido in sexual intercourse-. In the case of erectile dysfunction-prolargentsize stops erectile dysfunction-, the man initially feels like sleeping with his partner, although this may become less in the further course due to the frustration of a too flaccid penis. Lust and erection are no longer related. In the case of a loss of libido, however, no erection is built up due to a lack of sexual desire. If the reason for a flaccid penis is triggered by a loss of libido, the penis can theoretically become sufficiently stiff again if more pleasure is felt again.

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What Can Be Done To Prevent a Flaccid Penis Fast and Naturally?


Now imagine what your sex life would look like if your penis was longer and more massive. Imagine how women would react if they saw you naked. Feel the pleasure of both of you feeling approaching. Listen, if she says "that was the best sex in my life," after you did. Imagine how surprised you'll be when she suggests the second round. Be proud if it was just a quick one-night stand. Feel the joy that comes after passion returns to your relationship of many years. The size of the penis plays an important role.

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